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Central Carolina Surgery Bariatrics

CCS Bariatrics (Drs. Earle, Hoxworth, Martin, & Newman) launched laparoscopic gastric bypass surgery on November 18, 2003 at the Wesley Long Hospital campus of the Moses H Cone Health System. Since then we have done several hundred laparoscopic gastric bypasses. CCC Bariatrics provides two board certified surgeons to perform each case. One of these bariatric surgeons will also perform upper endoscopy to check the stomach pouch at the end of the case.

CCS Bariatrics launched INAMED LapBand (now owned by Allergan) placement on February 22, 2005. The number of LapBands placed by CCS surgeons numbers in the hundreds and includes many who participated in a study examining LapBand with truncal vagotomy. Currently the LapBand AS systems is being implanted. CCS Bariatrics are ready to serve you if you choose to have a LapBand. If you would like more information on the LapBand, click here to go to the special INAMED/Allergan site.

If you are interested in bariatric surgery, we would like to help you. First we ask that you attend one of our free bariatric informational seminars. After that, the journey may begin! For detailed information on the LapBand, download this pdf Lapband Brochure.

What makes CCS Bariatrics different from most other programs?

We work together to do your surgery. That means that you have 2 board certified surgeons trained in advanced laparoscopic techniques performing your surgery. We will do no more that two of these cases in a day--we make time for you. If you have a problem, it means that one of us is likely to be here to take care of you. (Click here to learn more about our surgeons)

Pictured above are Drs. Hoxworth, Martin, Earle, & Newman

For Information on CCS Bariatric Surgery Call 336-387-8201

Central Carolina Surgery Surgeons (Earle, Hoxworth, Martin, & Newman) will perform surgery at the bariatric center at the Wesley Long campus of the Moses Cone Health System.

CCS Bariatric Surgery Support Group Meets in the Wesley Long Education Center, Classroom #1 6-7pm on the following dates in 2008: Jan 24, Feb 28, Mar 27, April 24, May 22, June 26, July 24, August 28, Sept 25, Oct 23, Nov 20, Dec 11, 2008

CCS Bariatric Talk

CCS Bariatric Documents (pdf download)



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